"This is how a Q'ero speaks."

“For the first time, readers have access to a work that expresses the direct words of a legitimate descendant of the Inca lineage. Nicolás Pauccar Calcina, a Q’ero Priest, teaches us to understand and integrate ourselves, from a worldview that coexists with Ayni, which means collaboration and reciprocity.”

Tapa Libro Asi habla un Q'ero

Readers' Opinions


"Very good, to understand the path of creation. From another point of view, with small rituals to start creating."

Pedro Sanz Martín

"Explained with great simplicity and closeness. It hides a lot of depth and truth. I believe it is a must-read to change our minds."


"Nicolas's story is wonderful, and his vision of life should be everyone's! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Dany Hinojos

I loved it. It's a book full of knowledge. It's worth reading multiple times to analyze its content thoroughly. I hope to meet Nicolas someday. I recommend the movie "Humano".

"In order not to become a disease to the Earth, one must realize they are on Earth and must respect every expression of life within it."
Nicolas Pauccar Calcina

"This is how a Q'ero speaks."

"A good way to introduce ourselves to the Andean Cosmovision."