House in Chinchero

This is the second Temple House dedicated to Andean Shamanism practices. It is designed to welcome travelers who wish to participate in the rituals of the Andean Cosmovision. Located just 9 minutes away from the city of Chinchero, it offers an exceptional view of the stunning mountain landscape, in a strategic location where tranquility and nature prevail.

Wide quality spaces make us stand out

For the comfort of your group we offer a fully equipped space so that they can perform your particular social, ceremonial and meal activities.

Our Food

Tradition and Taste

The Novo Andean cuisine is the basis of our meals. The Andean flavors are the notes that stand out in our dishes.

Productos Andinos

The chuño, the muralla, the corn and the coca are some of the products that are always present in the food of the Andes.

The classic

We also adapt to different palates with our abundant buffet breakfasts

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