Kawsaypacha Houses

Our exclusive hotels in Cusco and Chinchero offer a unique experience, blending comfort and authenticity to immerse guests in the Andean cosmovision and shamanism. From ancestral rituals to meditation spaces, we invite you to connect with the wisdom of the Andes in a welcoming environment harmonized with the surrounding nature. Welcome to a transformative experience!

House in Cusco

It is a Temple House conceived and built by Nicolás Pauccar Calcina for Andean Shamanism practices. Located in the Tica Tica neighborhood, it offers an exceptional view of the surroundings of Cusco and the Archaeological Park of Saksayhuaman.

House in Chinchero

It is the 2nd Temple House dedicated to Andean Shamanism practices. Located 9 minutes away from the city of Chinchero, it stands out for its beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains and the characteristic tranquility of the countryside.