Objective and scope

It is a place of development of initiatory consciousness for the experimentation of life, focused on the evolution of the human being on planet earth.

The members of KAWSAYPACHA are wise of the oral tradition, where the initiatory information is transferred from father to son or from teacher to disciple from generation to generation, we share knowledge, knowledge and awareness development through this medium.

All members belong to the Q`ero Nation.

The online course is divided into 9 MODULES, each of these modules divided into 9 months, according to the evolutionary scale established by the Andean worldview of the path of light called QHAPAQ ÑAN.


  • Accompaniment, support and assistance in the spiritual search and understanding of this reality.
  • Interpretation, development and practice of symbolic and spiritual worlds for biology.
  • Interpretation, development and practice of Andean cosmogony and other worldviews.
  • Interpretation and development of emotional worlds for emotional growth.
  • Interpretation, development and practice of an integrated operating awareness system for human beings “S.I.C.O”
  • Interpretation and development of Andean codes and principles.
  • Practice and development of Q’hapaq Ñan.
    Creation of new projects and initiatives that allow a balanced coexistence between mother earth and man and man with the idea of God.


We develop international, multi-ethnic and multilingual courses aimed at each human being considered part of the Pachamama