OnLine Course Module 1


This path is

performed through language to access subconsciousness and consciousness are the rituals, that is why the Pacha a Runa module has been created, where people learn to officiate 41 rituals, to convert your religious magical mind to a magical mind creator, to process data from your environment, managing the biological physical body of your choice. Human beings conceive ourselves in absolute unconsciousness, passing a period of gestation where we find foster care, paradise, peace, tranquility and everything that at birth (cutting the umbilical cord) we lose all notion of tranquility, Pacha module one Rune allows us to travel from our conception to our birth through more than 33 rituals, in order to be part of humanity or responsible beings on earth called Runa.

These are some of the topics you will see

  • Conscious integration of power archetypes,
  • Ways to integrate healing and self-healing
  • Implement Duality and the Andean Trilogy
  • Use of stones and power elements
  • Learning and creation of offerings to the Apus and the Pachamama
  • Learning more than 33 rituals of initiatory teaching


The modules have a duration of 9 months. There are 2 weekly classes of 1 hour each taught by Nicolás Pauccar Calcina.

Classes are via live internet.

In case you can’t be present, the recorded class will be provided so you can watch it whenever you want.

Investment Value

The values are reported via WhatsApp or Telegram

Payment methods

Ask for discounts discounts in 1 and 2 payments

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