Kawsaypacha Shool

Conceived to take our conception beyond experience.

Existence in space-time

KawsayPacha comes from two words runasimi (Quechua language) “KAWSAY” which means existence and “PACHA” which means time / space. KawsayPacha School is an institution of oral tradition that was created by Nicolás Pauccar Calcina for the interpretation, development and practice of the Andean Worldview and the worldview of the Q’ero Nation. In the same way, it is a virtual entity of contextualization and application of the Andean worldview in contemporary culture. Being the first virtual school of oral transmission in the world.

Andean codes and principles

The KawsayPacha School integrates the seven Andean codes and principles that allow us to access time and space, and create our own understanding of the Universe around us. This enables us to experience the biological life process on Planet Earth from the moment of conception to our physical death, always keeping in mind the process of human consciousness evolution.

nicolas pauccar mostrando una dualidad

Founder Nicolas Pauccar

It was Nicolás Pauccar Calcina, the first and only priest of the Q’ero nation who speaks our contemporary language, who founded the KawsayPacha School. He is the guardian of the ancestral wisdom of the Andes (Inka) and imparts this knowledge to us in a clear and accessible language. Additionally, he is the only one who teaches the Qhapaq Ñan, Andean codes, conducting masses, techniques for handling energies (saminchacuy, kallpanchacuy, huchamicuy, sayhuanchacuy), handling of chumpis, and more than 150 rituals. He also grants us access to symbolic and representative worlds. Nicolás Pauccar Calcina has consistently shared this knowledge with distinguished sages from around the world, channelers, scientists, and contemporary priests.

Every change without direction is constant chaos. The KawsayPacha School provides you with direction in the magical realm, allowing you to transmute your denser emotional states. It also proposes a path to travel from your current state of consciousness to higher ones.

Biological life and the conception of immortality. The container and its content. These have never been unified or developed, it is barely an idea that the KawsayPacha School has as its mission to develop and put into practice. Knowing that the path is merely an access, a route that takes us from a place ‘A’ to a place ‘B’. Taking as a base the initiatory path that leads us from a basic state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness where the impossible may be possible, the illogical takes on logic. Thus, we might understand that the body may perhaps be the container of the divine.

KawsayPacha School is the only initiatory school that shares information about the evolutionary processes of human beings on planet Earth and of planet Earth in the cosmos. It is the only school dedicated to understanding and comprehending the evolutionary process.

Qhapaq Ñan

We can categorize into nine levels of consciousness that make up the extensive path of the Qhapaq Ñan. These levels form the foundation of our teaching and provide the structure for the annual modules you can take. Below, we present the nine levels of consciousness with their respective modules. Currently, the enabled levels are from Pacha to Runa and from Runa to Hampeq. The rest will be enabled in the future.


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Wisdom and knowledge always remained hidden and the Andes have not been the exception but on the contrary after the year 1532 AD. It has been a daily practice immersing in elitism and costumbrismo which made it impossible to develop and practice within the knowledge and initiatory practices of the Andes.
The teachers of the oral tradition of the Andes have been practicing for more than 3000 years this knowledge that has been transmitted orally and transferred from teacher to disciple or from father to son.
This experience today through KawsayPacha School is within your reach so that you can assume the role of being your own teacher allowing you to understand the biological life, the emotional demand, the surrounding imaginary and the need for the spiritual that the human being has for nature and thus participate in the co-creation of this world.


KawsayPacha School is a process facilitator of life experiences for balanced or harmonious relationships. Biologically: Understanding the biological body and healing it.

In the Emotional: Understanding biological emotional demands and correcting them through shamanism techniques.

In the Symbolic: Access to symbolic world and interrelation with symbolic worlds and representation.

Ideally: Access and definition to ideal worlds.

Today you can develop all this and more through technologies and in the comfort of your home, thus opening the possibility of creating your own time / space and thus achieving your goals.


All development must be convergent to the ideal idea where freedom and sovereignty are possible. Which are indissoluble goals of any being with self-awareness. Where it is possible to manage your reality, activate and deactivate biochemicals in your body, your way of feeling emotions in your environment and your ability to perceive the real. Getting to have a reality of your own.


KawsayPacha School has a wide platform of information of the Andean Cosmogony and Cosmovision applicable to everyday life, and at the same time it is the only platform that allows you to live with the ancestral culture participating in their rituals and their language, shamanic art symbolized in their textiles and in its tools as well as its practices developed in the Q’ero Nation.


The modules have a duration of 9 months. There are 2 weekly classes of 1 hour each taught by Nicolás Pauccar Calcina.

Classes are via live internet.

In case you can’t be present, the recorded class will be provided so you can watch it whenever you want.

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