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Nicolas's schedule

Upcoming events and trips

In this section, we share Nicolas Pauccar’s upcoming events and trips. Each of them has been carefully designed to offer a unique opportunity for personal growth, connection with Pachamama and the Apus within the Andean Worldview, and the path towards self-discovery.

Kawsaypacha Experience

Discover the magnificent Peru

Visit all the wonders of Peru like Machu Picchu, while immersing yourself in an initiatic journey where you transcend your limits.

kawsaypacha experience - nicolas pauccar

Tours and passenger transportation

Get to know all of Cusco

Choose your itinerary with the places that resonate most with your heart, and we will take you there. Everything is taken care of so you can focus on yourself.


Rest in our temples

Book your stay in one of our temple houses, inspired by the Andean Worldview. Enjoy local cuisine while nourishing your spirit.

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Everything you need

Tools for the Initiate

Take a look at our catalog with all the creations from our artisans. If you’re looking for an andean missa, priestly attire, or a drum, we can send it to your address.

A gateway to learning

Books and Movies

Enter the world of the Andean Worldview through reading or our film. Find the foundations of the Andean Worldview here.

Kawsaypacha Videos

Watch and learn

We regularly upload videos on various topics related to Andean Worldview and teachings.